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Help Pastor Julie get to know Bethel!

Hello, friends!

I am so excited to be appointed as your new Pastor at Bethel UMC!  To help me learn more about you, I am going on tour.

The “Listening Tour” is a series of gatherings in people’s homes.  Light refreshments will be served.  These gatherings are open to anyone who is a part of our church – both members and regular attenders.  Please plan to attend one session, and reach out to your church friends to encourage them to join you.

The Listening Tour is not a time for getting to know the pastor.  I will continue sharing about myself at church and in my one-on-one visits with you.  The Listening Tour is my chance, as your new pastor, to get to know the people of Bethel.

Below are three questions I would like for you to think about prior to attending a listening session.  Please jot down your responses and bring them to the gathering to share.  At each Listening Session, I will lead a discussion using these three questions.

  • Remembering your entire experience at our church, when did you feel the most alive, most motivated, and most excited about your involvement?
  • What is one way that you can help Bethel reach new people in our neighborhood?
  • What is one dream that you have for our church?

In the coming days, we will email out the full schedule, so please keep an eye on your email.

The first Listening Session will be on Tuesday, August 7 at 6:00pm at the home of John & Marian Scullion. Please call Marian if you would like to join us that evening. Her number is 803.466.3876.

Reverend Julie Songer Belman


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