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Our Prayer Chain & How It Will Work

The person requesting prayers will call the minister, the person’s name will be confidential unless otherwise told it’s okay to use the person’s name.  The minister will call the first person on the list, share the request, hang up, and offer up a prayer;  the person called by the minister will call the second person on the list, share, hang up, and offer a prayer;  and so on until all have called the person listed after their name. 

If a person does not answer/line is busy, then skip to the next number – just make certain to tell that person that the number was skipped.  This will not be a time to chat with the person calling as we will want to get the prayer request out as quickly as possible.  Please help us out – we want as many volunteers as possible! 

Thank you, and please get in touch with Debbie Carter (315-8014) or Bonnie Lutz (738-1574), if you decide to be a part of this important ministry.