Knowing, Loving, Serving…
So the World Will Know Christ’s Love

Sunday Worship

Good morning, friends!

We invite you to join us for worship today!

Due to the holiday weekend and our later-in-the-week decision not to hold in-person worship in the sanctuary this week, our virtual worship will look a little different than it has previously; however, we continue to give thanks that we are able to provide you with an opportunity to connect with the Good News of God’s Word today.

You can find worship videos recorded by Pastors Julie Belman and Reggie Rowell uploaded this morning to our Bethel UMC Columbia YouTube channel and Bethel Methodist Columbia Facebook page. Links to these sites and an order of worship are shared below. 

Your continued support of God’s ongoing work at Bethel UMC is sincerely appreciated. Contributions to the mission of Bethel {Knowing, Loving, Serving: so the world may experience Christ’s love!} may be made by mailing a check to 4600 Daniel Drive, Columbia SC 29206, or by giving online at:  You may also contact your bank to have them draft a check on your behalf.

If you are in need, please do not hesitate to let us know.  The church office remains closed to the public, but we are checking the voicemail messages and emails regularly.  The telephone number to the church office is (803) 787-3058, and the church office email is

Pastor Julie and Pastor Reggie may be reached directly on their personal cell phones at any time.
Julie Belman: (803) 319-6169
Reggie Rowell: (843) 697-6967

*REMEMBER* there are some things everyone can do to help enhance the Sunday morning experience.

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• Like the Bethel Methodist Columbia Facebook page at Feel free to share our content on your own personal social media pages and to invite your friends and family to like our Bethel Facebook page, as well.

• Regularly visit the virtual worship page at  You can stream all video content directly from our website.

• Whichever platform you use, please click the like button on the videos you watch and comment on them! We love knowing that you are engaged and present with us!  This helps other people see them as well.

These are new ways to live into our mission of following Jesus by loving God and loving our neighbors.  Thank you for your commitment to Christ through the ministries of Bethel UMC and our shared mission:  Knowing, Loving, Serving… so the world will know Christ’s Love!

In Faith,
Rev. Julie Belman
(803) 319-6169