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Trunk-or-Treat Celebration!

Bethel is excited to invite you to our second annual Trunk-or-Treat Celebration!

There will be numerous changes to it to keep everyone as safe as possible, while still providing a fun and positive experience for our Church and the surrounding neighborhood. There are numerous ways that you can help, from just providing candy, working in a support role, or manning a trunk/table in our trunk & treat circle. We have included all of the details below so that you can be aware of what our plans are to keep everyone safe and decide on your level of participation for this event.

Saturday, October 31st, 6:00-8:00 p.m. All trunks must be in place by 5:45 p.m. (clean up will begin by 7:45 p.m.)

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please plan to join us that night and please, please please let us know that you are coming! After reviewing the details below, take 30 seconds to fill out this super short form and RSVP today!

Masks are REQUIRED for everyone who attends. Masks will be available at the entrance for anyone who does not have one. If kids are wearing a costume mask, that will be acceptable.

Decorate a Trunk: Each “area” will need a trunk decorated and then a table will be placed between you and the vehicle next to you.   The trunk is just decorative.   Candy will be handed out from tables. The tables between each car create a natural barrier between you and the patrons, as well as the person next to you! We will have hand sanitizer at every station as people go through.

Tables – We also would like to invite people to consider decorating a table if they aren’t able to decorate a trunk. If you are not able to stay and host a trunk/table, but can supply material to decorate a table, that would be a great help!

Candy – To keep the candy ‘safe’, we are asking everyone to pre-bag all candy this year in a Zip Lock bag, at least one week ahead of the event. Then each participant will just take a bag of candy off the table, and avoid reaching into a bowl of candy. We also would like to ask everyone to donate candy that we can use to put at extra tables. You can drop off the candy at the church and we will bag it, or if you could pre-bag it for us, that would help as well.

Food – we are thrilled to have the Haute Dog Lady food truck with us to provide dinner! So plan to come hungry and support this fantastic local vendor!

Bathrooms – the PAB will be unlocked if anyone needs to use the restroom and we will have a volunteer inside monitoring safety and secruity.

Flow of traffic – We will be using brightly colored duct-tape to create a one-way flow of foot traffic through the event t0 to help with social distancing. Remember, our goal is to keep everyone safe!

Setup – We will ask all cars to park in a semi-circle around the back parking lot  and face-to-face in the center section, with 2 parking spaces between them, with front of cars facing inward so that trunks face OUTWARD (where trick-or-treaters may see the decorated trunks!)

  • A table will be set up across the parking spaces between cars. This is where the bags of candy will be laid.
  • The handicap parking near the PAB and the benches near the Scout Hut will be available for people to eat on if they would like. You are welcome to bring your own chair or blanket as well.
  • The Food truck will be set up front and center by Willingham. This provides a nice barrier and helps with the one-way flow of trick-or treating.

That’s it! Any other great ideas, feel free to reach out to Pastor Julie, Martie Walker or Jenny Curran.

Remember to complete this short form and let us know how you will be supporting your church this month