Knowing, Loving, Serving…
So the World Will Know Christ’s Love

Merry Christmas!

Chaos stirred over the water. 
What would become the forest trees, wild animals, and human beings;
connections and drama, loss and betrayal, love and devotion, 
moved and swirled to take shape in all that is Creation.

Chaos filled the heart of Mary. Young and pregnant, visions of certainty,  peace, and blessing shared space with voices of concern, doubt, and judgment. Welcoming the mystery of motherhood, Mary embraced the weight and power of raising a child who would one day lead, teach, and bless.

These are surely chaotic days. Together we navigate a once-in-a-lifetime  pandemic, racial reckoning, political divisions, and economic pain and  uncertainty. In the very same moment, the world is pregnant with possibility. Stirring in the chaos are visions of hope for a vaccine, of space for healing, for  meaningful and sustaining work, for food to fill all bellies, for deep and loving connections.

The song of Mary comes in the season of Advent to speak of the world that is. 
In the midst of it all: 
Mercy overcomes fear.
The low are lifted up, and the high are humbled.
The hungry are fed, and the rich are generous.
The isolated are re-connected, and divisions are healed.

God, in this time of so much chaos and uncertainty,
we welcome your Spirit and your presence to comfort, guide, create,
connect and call us to a life of interwoven beauty, justice, and peace.

Merry Christmas to you all, my friends! May God Bless you today, and always.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Julie