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So the World Will Know Christ’s Love
Ash Wednesday with us at Bethel Methodist Columbia.

Ash Wednesday 02.17.21

From dust you came, and to dust you shall return.” Genesis 3:19b

Join us for our Virtual Ash Wednesday worship at 6pm tonight tonight!
We will live stream from our Facebook Page:

If you don’t have a Facebook account, today would be a fantastic day to set one up! 
After the live-stream service is over, it will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and Website. You will need a few supplies for tonight’s service:
A candle and lighter
Your Bible and a pen
Printed copies of this Ash Wednesday doodle page from Sanctified Art:
A journal (optional) A few tips for our young families:Print enough doodle pages for each of your kids to have one.Invite your kids to have a hands-on role in this liturgy by having them collect the needed supplies from around the house (pens, Bible, candle, lighter, computer, etc), and inviting them to light the candle to set the space. Before you begin to worship, invite your children to create a special place for you all to sit and reflect. They can make a comfortable fort out of pillows for you to sit on the floor, or they can gather all the supplies needed to gather around your coffee table.

See you at 6pm!

Pastor Julie Belman

PS: tonight’s worship is our first attempt at a live-stream so please be patient in case of technical glitches!