Knowing, Loving, Serving…
So the World Will Know Christ’s Love
A school zone can become a prayer zone simply through the time of prayer.

School Zone is a Prayer Zone

Make Your School Zone a Prayer Zone

Bethel has a wonderful tradition of supporting our local schools
through our financial offerings, our Good News Club evangelism, and
our Weekend Backpack Food Ministry. Let us now join together in
supporting our schools, teachers, and students with prayer!

Please pray for the safety of each school campus. Pray for students
who don’t yet have a relationship with Christ.

Pray that Christian students will be bold in sharing their faith. When you pass by a school,
pray for that school and everyone in it – make a school zone your
prayer zone.

You are invited to pick up a sign (and a list of prayer prompts) at
church this Sunday and proudly display the sign in your front yard. If
you are unable to join us for worship this week, you may stop by the
church office during the week. Won’t it be exciting for our community to see that Bethel UMC is a praying church!