Knowing, Loving, Serving…
So the World Will Know Christ’s Love

2nd Annual Faith and Freedom Service

Faith and Freedom Service:

Thank You to All…
The service last Sunday was especially wonderful. The music, the readings, the singing, the
readers, and especially the way in which Julie tied it seamlessly all together. It was also
especially nice to have Ken Burger as one of the readers. Both he and Sally did such a wonderful
job in reading, so that every word could be heard and understood. Our flag bearers processed with
dignity and pride in their service to our country. I hope you liked having a corresponding song
following each of the pledges this year. Thank you choir, for your continued faithfulness in
service to Bethel through your beautiful singing. Whispering Hope is such a beautiful song and you
sang it just as beautifully as the words themselves. I must also thank Karen Furr for working the
sound today so that everything came together flawlessly. I will remember today’s 2ⁿᵈ Annual Faith
and Freedom Service for a long time to come.  Bill Webb

We agree. Thank you for your service to Bethel. When a team works together, good things get
accomplished.  Charles Byrn

To: All involved with the service
This was a beautiful service. Everyone involved did an excellent job. The “readings” were so
beautifully tied to the music following – it was just perfect. A question for Ken Burger: “Where
have you been hiding your wonderful voice all these years?”  Sylvia Hulbert

OUTSTANDING! Last year was very GOOD, but today was GREAT! Copy
and repeat next year. Thank you for doing this.  Dave Barnes