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“The Messenger” April 2024 Is Here!

Bethel’s monthly church newsletter The Messenger has returned! The first full monthly issue debuted on July 1. We look forward to regularly communicating church news and activities with you again.
Giving thanks to the Lord for Bethel Methodist Columbia!

Happy April!


I confess that I am writing this late in the evening of Palm Sunday Eve — staring down Holy Week and wondering how it will all get done! This isn’t my first Eggstravagant Rodeo. I know what’s coming. It’s a march to the top of the mountain. To keep myself centered and sane, I came up with these five mantras about resurrection. I hope they are useful to you as you journey through this Easter season.


Resurrection can be quiet… If you’re not feeling loud trumpets and shiny shoes, know that there are others in your congregation who are also feeling more muted and quiet. Jesus was raised in a quiet and dark tomb. There was mystery. It was confusing. Resist the pressure to blast your horns over the quiet mystery of the morning. There are many ways to reflect Easter hope.


Resurrection doesn’t need you… I hope that doesn’t sound too harsh! Jesus will be raised from the dead with or without you. I hope this thought is freeing. It’s grace. It’s free. You don’t need to do anything at all.


Resurrection is grace… It’s a gift from God, not something we earn or do. Part of the “work” of celebrating Easter is to lean into that gift and accept it. Accepting grace can be a real challenge.


Resurrection is carried by all… The flowers, the Easter dresses, the music, the Spirit of God… all of these things carry Easter. Often we focus on unimportant details that get lost in the shuffle of the day anyway. If you’re exhausted and thinking you need to buy or prepare one more thing, you probably don’t.


Resurrection is a season… No need to cram everything into this one day. There is a whole season between Easter and Pentecost to bring out the sparkle and the glitter, and the resurrection activities. If something falls by the wayside, pick it back up next week.


Friends, I have my candle lit for you as we await the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God!



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