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“The Messenger” June 2024 Is Here!

Bethel’s monthly church newsletter The Messenger has returned! The first full monthly issue debuted on July 1. We enjoy regularly communicating church news and activities with you again. Stay in touch and up-to-date throughout the year.

Giving thanks to the Lord for Bethel Methodist Columbia!

Happy June!


Dear Friends,
It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your pastor over these past six years. We have been with one another through some of life’s greatest joys and deepest struggles. Together, we have laughed and prayed, worshipped and served. Together, we have celebrated many births and grieved many deaths. Together, we not only survived a global pandemic, but figured out how to do ministry anew in a post-covid world. I am grateful for your support, and my life is forever changed for having traveled this road with you.


It has been a joy to see children learning of God’s love, young people growing into faith-filled adults, church visitors becoming church family, and passions for ministry kindled. I delight in seeing you minister to one another through meals in times of grief, prayers & cards in times of illness, and home visits in seasons of isolation. It is my prayer that you will continue to be a place that delights in diversity, cultivates spiritual gifts, and wholeheartedly embraces your mission of Knowing, Loving, Serving… so the world will experience Christ’s Love! I pray that you will continue to be confronted with joy so great and grace so deep that you cannot help but sing God’s praises.


As surely as I believe that God guided the Bishop in my appointment to Bethel back in 2018, I also believe that God had a hand in sending us to Blythewood now. I am deeply grateful for God’s (sometimes unexpected) movement in our lives, as I believe great things are possible through allowing a new thing to be done among us.


From now until June 9th, I will continue to pastor this church, engaging fully in the good and important ministry we have yet to do together and the hard but grace filled process of saying goodbye. I ask for your prayers and understanding for me, Travis, James, Raymond, and Marlow as we all make this transition. We will miss you dearly.


I commend the Rev. Mason Cantey, his wife Rev. Maggie, and their daughter Livi Mae, to your love and care. Mason is a friend and colleague. Please allow him the sacred honor of getting to know you in the coming days through worship and gatherings, in baptisms, weddings, and funerals. Though the Belman family will continue to live in Forest Acres, I will no longer be able to relate to you as your pastor. I look forward to watching the good work God will continue in this precious community of faith.


I leave you with a favorite quote from Kristen Tippet, host of the NPR weekly program On Being. “We will be measured, finally, not by our accomplishments, our professional achievements, our academic degrees, or civic awards; we will be measured by how well we loved.”


With Great Love,


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