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Wedding Pictures in the Narthex

We thank everyone who shared their memories for this display.  The congregation has immensely enjoyed viewing these photos.  The History Committee will change the display September 8, after church.  If you have a wedding picture on display, please make plans to stay a few minutes after church to collect your picture, or have someone collect it for you. Thank you!

Our Prayer Chain & How It Will Work

The person requesting prayers will call the minister, the person’s name will be confidential unless otherwise told it’s okay to use the person’s name.  The minister will call the first person on the list, share the request, hang up, and offer up a prayer;  the person called by the minister will call the second person on the list, share, hang up, and…

History Committee Seeks Your Help

The History Committee would like wedding pictures from the Bethel congregation for display in the Narthex over the summer.  Anyone who has a wedding picture they would like to share, please submit the picture to one of the History Committee members, including the bride’s and groom’s names, the date, and the location of wedding.  Also, please include the name of the person…