Knowing, Loving, Serving…
So the World Will Know Christ’s Love

Interested in music? Enjoy singing or playing an instrument?

We’d love to here from you!


Please contact Choir Director Bill Webb with any questions about music opportunities at Bethel UMC Columbia.


Bill Webb, Organist / Choir Director

Shout Out to the Bethel Choir

I have the great pleasure and privilege of music
ministry through Bethel. Working directly with the
choir these past eight months has brought me
much joy. Our choir members are dedicated to
bringing you the message each week through song.
Each of them freely serves to share his musical talents
and spiritual gifts so that Jesus’ love and
God’s mercy can be proclaimed and celebrated.

In addition to sharing the Good News of the Gospel,
many in our choir are caring for family members
and other loved ones. Following our Saturday
morning rehearsals, those who are able enjoy a
wonderful time of fellowship over lunch. This
additional time together continues to strengthen our
love and support of one another.

When you are able and the time presents itself,
please take a moment to pray for our choir and for
our Bethel church family. I give thanks, appreciation,
and much love to Velma Neeley and her outpouring
of love and support. The personal notes I
receive through the mail from Velma and others
help to affirm our purpose and call to ministry
through music at Bethel. They inspire me to send a
note of appreciation and love to others. These
notes serve as a bright ray of sunshine, and I am
working to help share that light in others’ lives.

Bill Webb