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Written Sources

Resources and useful links
Bethel United Methodist Church has a Resource Room, which is located on the second floor of the Education Building.  It is stocked with books and periodicals on a variety of Christian subjects and for different age groups.  If you prefer written material instead of electronic, please stop by or speak with someone in our church office.

Internet Sources

There are so many sites and internet resources for research on the Web that it is sometimes difficult to sort through them to find what is needed. Some internet resources are provided below to make this process easier. Some of these resources are local and some are national United Methodist websites as well as other libraries, etc. More will be added over time. Please keep checking back.

Bethel Methodist Columbia Facebook Page

Online Sermons from Bethel Methodist Columbia

Bible Study on Mark Participant Guide

The Messenger from Bethel Methodist Columbia

South Carolina Conference of the Methodist Church

Columbia District of the SC Conference of the United Methodist Church

Spiritual Formation Task Group

United Methodist Church General Board of Discipleship

Global Ministries – The United Methodist Church

CVS Vaccine Intake Consent Form